Our warehouse facility is equipped to make loading and unloading of your items easy and efficient. We have forklifts available to aid with palletized products and larger items like heavy machinery, personal secure lockers, a dedicated area for motorcycle and scooter storage, and a gated outdoor side yard with space to park trucks and trailers.


We offer wide range of customized services to give our customers an advantage that they won't find anywhere else, from simply coordinating and/or receiving UPS and FedEx shipments for them to providing rigging and crating for special projects. We excel at managing special requests of any size or complexity in addition to all of the standard warehouse services, so your storage options are endless and can be crafted to fit your unique needs. At River North Storage, we provide the know-how and manpower to get the job done, and we're proud to offer these services to our customers:


  • Secure storage with 24-hr surveillance and alarm system
  • Motorcycle and Scooter Storage
  • Shipping/receiving
  • Loading dock with forklift
  • In-house rigging
  • Crating
  • Inventory assistance
  • Dock transfer
  • Labor/manpower
  • Disposal/recycling
River North Storage - Warehousing Photos